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Managing Risk On the Farm is Hard

The reality is that if you are really good at it, you wouldn’t be farming, you would be on your yacht in the Caribbean and not trying to get a tractor to start when it’s 6 degrees out. Do not take anything I say as advice, as you could lose all your money and you...
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Agworld Technology at work in the corn field

How Agworld Changed My Business and My Hat

Last week I couldn’t find my hat anywhere. Finally, I opened the hall closet and found not one, not two, but a huge pile of old, raggedy, sweat-covered hats. I thought “I think it’s time to get a new one.” My wife couldn’t agree more. After a few phone calls to my beloved vendors, Agworld...
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Take Time for Family. Ocean Shores Family Vacation

Do Take it Personally: CEO Part Two

Take it personally, please. Taking care of our mental health, bodies, and relationships is something that we are quick to overlook. If we take this both seriously and personally, we can make a difference for future generations. Unfortunately, we are in an industry that prides itself on working hard and never taking a day off....
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The Business of Starbucks coffee

You are a CEO of your Life: Part One

You are a CEO. Whether you are a janitor in a school, bagging grain in a feed mill or run a multi-million dollar farming enterprise, you are the Chief Operating Officer of your life. The buck stops with you, and at the end of the day, you are ultimately responsible for every situation that you...
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Dwayne Faber cow farmer

Life’s Unexpected Turns

It’s funny how life takes these weird and unexpected turns and we end up at a completely unexpected place from what we expected. For me, life is no different, and here we are, with a website that has my name on it. A little pretentious feeling, I’ve never been much in the self-promotion game, although...
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