Life’s Unexpected Turns

Dwayne Faber cow farmer

It’s funny how life takes these weird and unexpected turns and we end up at a completely unexpected place from what we expected. For me, life is no different, and here we are, with a website that has my name on it. A little pretentious feeling, I’ve never been much in the self-promotion game, although it’s my belief that we are all in sales. Whether it’s a date or trying to convince the mechanic that we are semi-intelligent on vehicles and a flywheel bearing replacement is a bill that should be pawned onto the next sucker.

There are also times when I’d like to have a longer form to respond to something industry-related. It’s time for me to plant my flag and have my own small corner of the interweb. This is the portal where you can get hard-hitting opinions on things like, why is Hollywood allowed to have an opinion on anything anymore? Joaquin Phoenix comes out saying dairy farmers rape cows to a group of people nodding their heads, who ironically never said a thing while Harvey Weinstein was fondling and sexually assaulting their co-workers.

I’m proposing a ten-year moratorium on any opinion from anyone in Hollywood. But, here’s what you should think about…..Harvey Weinstein. But the environment…..Weinstein. The children….Weinstein. These are people that pat themselves on the back for wearing a tuxedo for one year before tossing it in the trash. I have boxers from the 90’s, guess who doesn’t run around telling everyone they are saving the environment.

In a weird way, this website is an evolution of twitter, which was just a place to share my voice from a tractor seat to anyone who would listen. Twitter has grown to the point where I can have a voice to journalists, politicians, some really intelligent people, and also a large group of tractor driving people too. This platform gave me the opportunity to become a speaker at
different events, and I found that being on a stage and connecting with people’s brains and funny bone is a thrill unlike any other. I’ve always contended that those who can’t do, teach. Much to the chagrin of my teacher mother, sorry mom.

Dwayne's Daughter Kissing Cow on Nose

Life has been busy over here, with running the dairy and chasing three daughters around. However, I’ve gotten the blessing from Mrs. Faber to go out and do some speaking events. I enjoy telling my story of how we got to be milking 1800 cows, how we survived periods of milk checks not covering all the checks, and keeping a positive mental attitude through it all. Thanks for all your support.

Till Next Time,