The old adage ‘the pen is mightier than the sword’, in today’s world, might translate to ‘Twitter may be the cause of our next world war’. While Dwayne’s musings are largely twitter-based, his website offers a longer form of thoughts and insights, straight from the farm.


Dwayne engages his clients with insights into the business climate, changing consumer perceptions and shifting the needle on what is acceptable in modern society.  Using humor, he will impart a message that is insightful, engaging and memorable.


Dwayne and his wife and three daughters own and operate two dairy farms in Western Washington where they milk 1800 cows.  Managing cows, people and finances provide a unique insight into the many challenges of today’s business climate. 

Make 'em Laugh. Help 'em learn.

  • Dwayne is just as personable and down to earth in person as he appears through Twitter! Dwayne kept his presentation lively and informative while sprinkling in pieces of his natural humor to keep it real yet engaging.

    Haley Jones
    Club Advisor, Dairy Science Club, Iowa State University
  • Dwayne’s talk was an entertaining blend of relatable comedy and hard-hitting issues that held a college audience of +400 for a full hour.

    Rosa Rarick
    Dairy Science Club Executive Team, Iowa State University

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Can You Hear Me Now?

There are moments in life where I am reminded that I am a dairy farmer. Moments like driving the family car on the wrong side of the road, hurtling toward oncoming traffic with a screaming wife and kids as I was checking out a neighboring corn field. Then, there are moments where we interact with...
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A Fowl Investment

It was a cold, dark, blustery day where everything had gone wrong on the farm. The manure pump went down, the milker didn’t show up for work, fresh cow problems, just your run-of-the-mill bad day. When I finally came home, I was accosted by three, excited, little blonde girls who happen to share my DNA,...
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Prime Rib and Ketchup

There are moments where any parent feels they have failed as a parent. There was that time my 8-year-old asked if she could put ketchup on a perfectly prepared prime rib that came right from the Traeger Grill. There was that time my kids said they were bored on our family vacation as we traveled...
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